Saturday, April 10, 2010

StoryArtistry Adventures

I have been creating puppets for television for at least a year now. The first show is national and just went international. I have plans for a show of my own as I really enjoyed writing the scripts for the first show. So I have in the works puppets! Oh dear, just got a request for another puppet for the television show! So now my dear hearts who are awaiting creation sit in pieces, while I create one more puppet for the other show. I am on it and still having fun!

This morning my husband and I went to the First Health Arts in Medicine Showcase in the Avenues at Viera. My husband and I heard a harp player, singers, guitarists. We painted cookies, (and got to eat them), painted foam forms, wrote messages on ribbons for our loved ones, talked with special dogs and their handlers, hospice volunteers were everywhere and it certainly was a pleasant day as the weather was perfect for this event. It was a nice way to take our artist's date. My husband insisted I get my caricature drawn and it is up on our website!
Check it out at

Last month nine people joined us at StoryArtistry. We had so much fun with the puppets and stories. Two very vivacious little boys were entertained with stories and their mother is interested in coming back for coaching on her favorite story. Another little one found StoryArtistry after the break and brought in her mother and grandmother who both are interested in following the path of story adventures. I have been working on the craft for this month. StoryArtistry meets at 2:00 pm in the Central Brevard Library 308 Forrest Ave. Cocoa, every third Saturday, of each month. Come j0in us!

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