Friday, September 24, 2010


Some interesting changes. I am busy trying to finish a puppet that seems to be a lesson in life. A panda bear puppet for a proposed children's television show. Seems every time I pick it up to put in a stitch or two, something intervenes with the process of finishing this "one and only, solitary" project. It would be nice if it were a "one and only, solitary" project, life just doesn't seem to happen that way for adults. I believe for our children too. We are all just so very busy. I am beginning to call it the "trying to make the grade" syndrome.
Too many projects, and too little focus on the "one and only" can be a distraction in it's self. It's time for what Julia Cameron would call an artist date. Only this one is not like what she would call go away and be alone. No, that panda bear puppet and I need to spend some "quality" time together and get her finished. After all, she isn't the only puppet in the box that needs finishing and creating. I did her an honor though. When the creation of her mouth wasn't turning out right, I stopped and did more research and came back to her mouth after realizing I just needed more practice on building mouths. As a result of my "homework," I now have BUNNY! I stepped back created a smaller puppet and concentrated on the creation of a smaller mouth. Like magic, when I went back to the panda bear puppet, her redesigned mouth worked out just great! She has a beautiful smile now and will delight audiences near and far.
"Homework" like that is very important! Yes, even adults trying out new things need homework. School in real life, homework, it's a never done deal. Not in today's exciting new world!

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