Tuesday, May 26, 2015

TODAY is New.

     Today is new.  We have added new people to our lives and new experiences, we are stretching and growing in so many different ways, (i.e., puppets, songs, films, concerts, workshops, etc.)  If we are open to the Spirit of Life it just happens that way.  Our lives get bigger, broader and if we seek to improve ourselves we can be good examples for others.  Just because "hardship" comes along doesn't mean it will always be hard.  Just remember the "ship" part of that word.  Pretend you are sailing away, the sun is shining brightly, the wind is blowing through your hair, and smile.  We adapt, get used to things, yet we also out grow old habits so don't expect no growth.  Expect to outgrow not only your old clothes, but also possibly those "old bad habits" that aren't working for you. We are made up of so many things.  I love to start my day and say the affirmation, "Everyday is new and I am glad to be in this day to learn, grow and serve."  Here's a small challenge for you my friend.  Find your own morning affirmation that will lift you throughout your day. 
     On rainy days when adventure seems to be bleak and far away, it's time to read or to write out of our own imaginary or real adventures.  It's time to explore indoors and find those old games, talents, or things we put away for a "rainy day."  It might just be time to bake some cookies to share!  Whatever you decide to do it doesn't have to be expensive.  Keep it simple and low stress on your "rainy day".  It is great just to take in a big deep sigh and journal and let our brains say "Hurray, this is where I have been!  I can see where I am at and where I just might be going."  Keep it positive, "count your blessings!"  A journal can be given to our prodigy, so they can get a peek into our lives and their history, once we are gone.  If we live by good standards, it is another way of leaving stories behind for our children and grandchildren to learn how life can be improved by following those good standards.
     Memorial Day was to remember those who fought for our freedoms.  Without those in the past who fought we would definitely not have our freedoms today. So to all our soldiers, past, present, and future thank you from our hearts and souls, for all your time you spend to give of yourselves for our freedoms!
     We at Storyhub® are looking forward to seeing our short films in a few festivals.  We are working toward that goal.  We now have three we are working on.  The Heart of the Matter is almost done in POST it only needs a few things and it is ready to submit.  Our second film, The Birthday Girl is now in POST.  Our third film, PEACE is in the works and we are preparing to film it soon.  We will be holding meetings soon to construct and write a fourth film we hope to have done before Thanksgiving.   We are looking for actors from the ages of approximately 13 to 16 for this fourth film.

Hoping also to create more books but this time for the children to read.  Love to encourage reading for children no matter what age to READ!  Susan is looking into motivational speaking and doing more workshops.

Hope you're all doing great!

Susan and Bunny and all our friends at Storyhub®

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