Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fortune Cookies

     Can you image, being seated in a wonderful Chinese Restaurant?  The Buffet is full of delicious Chinese American delicacies.  You are hungry and you fill your plate with all you can eat, and yet you remember to leave room for desert!  Then the highlight of the meal, after your desert...the fortune cookie! 
     You crack open the cookie, and while you are savoring it's taste, you read your fortune.  After years of eating out, I have saved most of those tiny pieces of paper with the thoughts on our future possibilities.  It's fun to read them over again and look back on where I used to be, and where I am now.  I only know that in a moment of duress, I can come home to review those fortunes and laugh.  Some are really hysterical, some sad and some are full of wisdom  
   With the lack of elders in our lives fortune cookies seem to be a source from which we all can own an ounce of ancient wisdom.  Better yet, how about wisdom from our community of storytellers?   Storytellers still exist! Stories aren't just for children either.   Look around you and see how many festivals for storytelling there are in the world today!
    I am so happy to be a member of Florida Storytelling Association and National Storytelling Network.  If you need a laugh, a good cry, or entertainment, there are many talented individuals practicing the art of Storytelling!
    I am thankful to be among the many!  Believe me, to listen to a good storyteller is far better to learn from than a Fortune Cookie.  The cookie only lasts a short time.  The story the teller tells you might teach you something that you can savor for a lifetime and beyond.  Stories have great power to last for generations when they are handed down from generation to generation.  Find your favorite storyteller today! 

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